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No Me Dejes Solo Con El Mar (Don't leave me alone with the sea), 2017

There are 615 million affected by mental illness worldwide and this number is only increasing. Currently, there are 30% more people with mental health problems than 25 years ago. However, these people still carry on being stigmatized.


Pedro is from Mataró, Spain, and has bipolar disorder. He is a social worker and a university student. The diagnosis marked a turning point in his life but he has never given up. Family has been a great support network for him and he knows recovering would have been a lot harder without them. His hobbies have also helped him to push ahead, take care of himself and control his disorder. It’s been many years since his last maniac or depressive episode took place.


This project wants to bring the spectator closer to the reality of mental health through an authentic personal experience, thereby eliminating false prejudices in society. With small steps like this one, I hope it arrives the day in which nobody leaves people like Pedro “alone with the sea”.

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